Andrews Research

Andrews Research is a full-service, international market research and consulting firm with broad experience across industry sectors, audiences, and data collection methodologies, coupled with several noteworthy specialties. We conduct worldwide studies using a combination of traditional and on-line methodologies on behalf of global, blue-chip clients. We specialize in studies of brand and reputation, advertising tracking, customer satisfaction, and new product and concept testing. Yet another strength that distinguishes our firm from others is the ability to successfully conduct interviews with extremely hard-to-reach audiences, such as ultra-high-net-worth individuals, high-level corporate and financial decision makers, executives and clients of hedge funds and other alternative investment firms, large institutional investors, etc. Our analytical approach relies on a full-spectrum of sophisticated statistical tools, such as multivariate segmentation analysis, regression analysis, etc., and is fully customized to fit the needs of each project that we undertake.

At Andrews Research, our clients look to us for support on key strategic and marketing issues. Our role is to give our clients an advantage over their competitors by providing better insight into their customers' needs. We approach each client's research project differently in order to respond to its specific strategic and marketing issues. When you are making business decisions, you need targeted, reliable information. Customized, proprietary research gives you this high-quality information, whereas syndicated, industry-wide research often falls short.

At Andrews Research, we don't pretend to know all the answers in advance. No one is more familiar with your business than you are. We can, however, help you find the answers to the questions that you must address to be even more successful.

Andrews Research Associates' special strengths include:

  • Access to the audiences our clients need to reach
  • Worldwide capability: Nearly half of our business is multinational research
  • A scientific, no-corners-cut approach to designing tailored research studies that add real value
  • Fast and responsive service